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Complete this simple form to add an event, announcement, volunteer opportunity posting for the community. Once approved it will appear on the online Calendar and on selected screens in town.

Please Read Guide & Use Policy First

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This email will be notified when the eventpost is approved or rejected.

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Please provide a valid email

This is the email of the person who interested community members should contact for additional information about the eventpost. It may or may not be the same as the email of the person completing this form.

A brief title that gives a clear idea of this to a person who is completely unfamiliar with your group. Avoid using acronyms. Maximum length is 60 characters. Maximum length is 60 characters.

Select the type that most closely matches.Events and volunteer opportunitiesJob category MUST be consistent with policies outlined in Guide & Use Policy to be considered for posting. Select the type that most closely matches. MUST be consistent with policies outlined in Guide & Use Policy to be considered for posting.

Select the type that most closely matches. Job category MUST be consistent with policies outlined in Guide & Use Policy to be considered for posting.

Instructions for adding events/announcements will appear after you select your event/announcement type!

Select start and end date for display on website and digital signage.

Use the boxes above to select a start and end date and time for your event (be certain to include AM/PM). Unless your event takes place over the course of multiple days (for example a conference), you should choose the same day. If the event repeats multiple times then you should choose to "Add another date/time" for each recurrence.

Use the box above to select a start and end day that your job post will appear on digital signs.

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Instructions for adding location will appear once you select the type of event!

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Google will provide physical location suggestions in the dropdown. You can select one of them, or you can click away from the text box to keep what you have written.
Optionally, unchecking this box will turn off the dropdown.
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Please select a location by typing in the search box

Leave this box blank unless a room and number are necessary. Do not repeat the building name. For example, if an event is in the meeting room in the Public Library, then simply enter “Meeting Room” here. If it is in King hall 306, write “306” here.

Paste the URL link (e.g. zoom link) for online events that do not require registration. Leave this blank for those that require registration.

This button will link viewers directly to the URL you paste into the box. If needed, you can change the name that appears in the button to serve other purposes, for example "Take survey", "Make appointment", "Donate" "Learn More", "Application Details" etc. These buttons will also link to the URL you paste.

Button Title

Add other button

Will be displayed on digital signage. 200 character maximum, 10 character minimum. Do not include URLs or phone numbers in the short description.

Will be displayed after the short description on the website and in newsletter. Include information such as where to pick up tickets and cost if fee or donation are required. If you did not include a weblink, please include brief instructions in the box above for how to apply.

Upload Image (max size 16MB)

We encourage you to upload an image related to your eventthe job. This will be shown on the digital signs and the website together with your text. The art should contain no text or minimal text. Please do NOT upload an image of a poster that contains text information describing the eventjob — it will be too small to read and will be redundant to the eventjob description.

Select screens for display

As described in the Guide & Use Policy , postings that are only of interest to visitors to a particular screen should be posted only on that screen. Posts of broad interest to the community should be posted on multiple screens. Please do not select schools unless you have with permission from school administrators.

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